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I was trying to check orders on an alt, but got Blade's window. Note who assigned the orders.

============================ Orders for Blade Man ============================
Assigned by: Able City - Traffic Hub Date: Fri Mar 03 20:19:06 2006

Get magnets. Really /powerful/ magnets. Not kitchen magnets. NOT KITCHEN MAGNETS. Electromagnets are best. Give them to Amphibious Man.


Headdesking IRL != Good Idea: Blade Man says, "Nothing is more amusing than typing +orders in the wrong window and realizing you have orders from Able City - Traffic Hub. ;)"
Frozen Like Ice Man says, "Nice."
Frozen Like Ice Man says, "Save those, they may be worth money."
Headdesking IRL != Good Idea: Blade Man says, "They were from Sugar, originally..."
Testing: Shielded Recombinant Bazooka! Prismatic Spider says, "So Sugar was recycled into a traffic hub? Oh, the indignity!"
Blade Dancer says, "Had it coming."
Corpse Bride iLuz says, "hahaha"


Apr. 24th, 2006 02:15 am
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<Public> I own Eurasia Dust Man says, "AIRCON MAN HAS FLIGHT, WHY CAN'T I?!"
<Public> I own Eurasia Dust Man sobs.
<O-Master> HAM CANNON!!! Air Man says, "Hey now.  You have no room to complain, Dust.  The guy who is like a cheesy knockoff of me can do something I can't.  ;P"
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "Yes, well."
<O-Master> Not Dead: Bass says, "Wait, what? You don't have Flight?"
<O-Master> HAM CANNON!!! Air Man says, "Nope.  No abilities."
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "Air Man doesn't."
<O-Master> 12:00 Dust Man says, "And I was sure he did."
<O-Master> Not Dead: Bass says, "You do now."
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<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker once did something foolish as Agile and raided a port in the middle west.
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Wait, Great Plains."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "..."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Yeah."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "A...port.  In the great plains."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "Yup."
<O-Master> You Mist Man says, "Explain to me how you came up with this idea."
<O-Master> Nappa Guts Man says, "Maybe it was a river port for river casinos!"
<O-Master> Teenage Mutant Ninja Tengu Man says, "Switzerland has a navy IRL. They invented the stealth battleship."
<O-Master> A_Enker: Enker says, "It was actually supposed to be an air port, but I screwed up in the GNN and we ran with it."
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Why can't I actually finish the Virtual Armor reapp I keep saying I'll do? I have an idea set down, just need to work it out. :(


Apr. 20th, 2006 08:53 pm
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Galactic Man drops rocks on every em-effer in the roof.
Ayin :O
You say, "In the roof?"
Atmospheric Man has disconnected.
You say, "..."
Galactic Man says, "That's -right-. I hit Atmospheric so hard he fell off the MUSH."
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Nothing beats knowing you're passing a course you failed last semester with a B this time through. Guess I just had a bad semester last time. Just wish my annoying clingy friend would bug off. I want to make sure I pass this time, and he was part of the reason why I failed last time. He kept insisting on me spending all my time with him. :(
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Nothing beats being stuck at home with a cable internet connection that drops every 5 minutes. Except for the fact that my parents have digital phone service which shares the cable modem... Meaning when the modem goes off, so does the phone.


Apr. 13th, 2006 12:07 am
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I was going through a recent log and found something new to add to the things that amuse me.

[Radio: (G) Global] Dr. Psyche transmits, "AHEM."
[Radio: (G) Global] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Is there a 'Miss Ringhals' available?"
[Radio: (G) Global] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Paging 'Miss Ringhals'."
[Radio: (G) Global] Digital Ringhals transmits, "Go to hell you disgusting pervert."
[Radio: (G) Global] Digital Ringhals is angry enough to not hiss.
[Radio: (G) Global] Dr. Psyche transmits, " that's a maybe on dinner, a movie, and hot, sweaty PSYCHE ACTION?"
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[Radio: (G) Global] Shield Shellfish transmits, "I'm gonna crush you like a soda can. Back the (*#$ off and if I catch you harassing Repliforce officers again I'm going to rip every wire from your body one at a time, braid them, and hang you like a pinata so we can all take turns beating you. Do I make myself clear?"
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Well, some is from my other characters, but it's mostly Blade...  And it's a bit longer this time.  Thank god for LJ cut.  :)


Apr. 1st, 2006 02:42 pm
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Decided I'm gonna put together a small collection of humor from all the time I've been playing Blade.  There's been a lot I realize.  :)

Will be doing more of these.
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It's official, my parents are morons.  What part of "get that male gerbil out of that cage" don't they understand?  Now there is not one, not two, but three litters of baby gerbils at home...  Well, I guess it's not that bad, except that I had enough gerbils alrready.
And here's some cute pictures... )


Dec. 3rd, 2005 12:56 am
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digitalringhals is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.


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... Why am I so tempted to app a different RM, even after I told myself I wasn't going to drop Air?


Oct. 24th, 2005 06:26 pm
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The ground itself rumbles as something massive stomps toward your direction, and then the whir of a large cannon being aimed fills the air. As you turn around you see the infamous General, with his Ion Cannon pointed at you...and then it fires.

 And a cookie hits you in the chest.
<O-Repliforce> Wanted Dead By RMs: Digital Ringhals says, "...  Why did I just get cookied?"
<O-Repliforce> General says, "You had the most RP hours last week."
<O-Repliforce> Major PAIN!: Rush Raccoon says, "By who?"
<O-Repliforce> Major PAIN!: Rush Raccoon says, "Yeah, I was about to say, if it was General, you had the most RP Hours."
<O-Repliforce> General was actually scared by your RP hours.


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