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[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Bored."
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "YOU!"
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "Sing us a song."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Me? What about me?"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "I hate you.. HATE!"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "You! With the Blade!"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man not recognizing Ring's voice, "Who're you?"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "You're that dumb guy from the other day!"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Huh?"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "I'm still not sure who you are."
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "He's your number one fan."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "I have a fan?"
[Radio: (G) None] Boomer Kuwanger transmits, "It's me."
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "No I'm not Guts Man!"
[Radio: (G) None] Gyro Man transmits, "Well, it's good to know that you're not Guts Man, Ring."
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "I was thinking that too."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man laughs.
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "ARGH."
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "My only fan is Zenny."
[Radio: (G) None] Gyro Man transmits, "That much power and love of money in one bot..."
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "ARGH to you too"
[Radio: (G) None] Gyro Man transmits, "No bank would be safe..."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Umm... What's so good about zenny?"
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "What if dad created Bank Man to store all of Ring Man's money just out of his reach?"
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "Just a thought, Zenny wouldn't seem the thing to put in a bank, would it?"
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "Why not?"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "............You did NOT JUST ASK THAT."
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "It just doesn't seem like a 'keep in the bank' sort of thing."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Umm... Yes, I did."
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "No Guts Man, Bank Man would suck."
[Radio: (G) None] Gyro Man transmits, "Only because you couldn't get to your zenny."
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "What about Vault Man? He could be this huge pyramid sized block of armored metal!"
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "What if Bank Man didn't like you nagging him when he was sleeping"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "You can?"
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "I dont understand you Blade"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Huh?"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "Yes!"
[Radio: (G) None] Ring Man transmits, "I'm going to go count it, because you have no idea how awesome it is."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Okay, you go do that, whoever you are."
[Radio: (G) None] Gravity Man transmits, "Bank Man, Vault Man, etc. are crappy ideas"
[Radio: (G) None] Guts Man transmits, "Maybe Scott should build Vault Man and then he could steal all of the stuff that Ring Man wants. He could store it safely away from Ring Man until he's driven to insanity."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Dad builds cool robots. Like Liquor Man."


[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Hello."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "Any blade using Robot Masters on here? Sugar wants me to challange one of you guys."
[Radio: (G) None] Botos nyohohohoho.
[Radio: (G) None] Bass transmits, "Tell me about your weaponry."
[Radio: (G) None] Quick Man transmits, "My wit is as sharp as any blade.. does that count?"
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "I use blades."
[Radio: (G) None] Botos transmits, "His name is /Blade Man/, cornhusk."
[Radio: (G) None] Bass transmits, "A sword? A jagged piece of construction paper?"
[Radio: (G) None] Samech transmits, "I bet Blade Man uses sharp objects."
[Radio: (G) None] Quick Man transmits, "Perpahs an origami sword?"
[Radio: (G) None] Dust Man transmits, "DEAR SWEET GOD CONSTRUCTION PAPER!"
[Radio: (G) None] Dust Man runrunrunrunrunrunslamunconscious.
[Radio: (G) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Oh dear. Now you've gotten him started."
[Radio: (G) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I'm not dragging his body back inside. It's your turn to do that, Quick Man."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man proudly, "My blades are metal."
[Radio: (G) None] Spark Man transmits, "I am so not afraid of you Blade dork."
[Radio: (G) None] Samech transmits, "At least there isn't an Origami Man."
[Radio: (G) None] Quick Man transmits, "He's not MY responsibility, Sphinxo."
[Radio: (G) None] Bass transmits, "Oh, so you're a Metal Man recolor?"
[Radio: (G) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He's not mine by rank and squadron."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "What's that mean?"
[Radio: (G) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I just detest physical contact or using resources on him."


[Radio: (A) Chat] Holocaust clears his throat. He sounds professional. "Hello. My name is Holocaust. I enjoy taking long walks on beaches, killing things, and blowing stuff up."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Blade Man laughs, "You're funny Holocaust."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Naughty Nurse Sugar transmits, "The ladies must be /all/ over you."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Botos transmits, "Get yer fruitiness away from me."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Holocaust transmits, "The last one I dated ended up dying. Not my fault she didn't like bathing in fire."


[Radio: (G) None] Thrash MacKenzie transmits, "Next one of you Overlords I catch causing a disturbance, I take your left leg as a victory prize."
[Radio: (G) None] Blade Man transmits, "You're mean."
[Radio: (G) None] Gameshow Man transmits, "I'm sorry sir, that's not the prize designated by the judges, but in fact it is...!"
[Radio: (G) None] Thrash MacKenzie transmits, "Yer damned right I'm mean."


[Radio: (G) None] Digital Ringhals transmits, "There'ssss a reassson real disssscusssssion issss better off elssssewhere.
[Radio: (G) None] Holocaust transmits, "Real discussion, huh? Wanna have a discussion with my cannon?"
[Radio: (G) None] Digital Ringhals transmits, "I'll passsss on dissscussssing thingssss with your weapon, thankssss."
[Radio: (G) None] Holocaust transmits, "Aw, what a shame."


[Radio: (A) Chat] Botos transmits, "Bake Sale?! We can't have none of that sissy pansy bulls***. I'm gonna make something manly! Righty! Go find me a full grown cow!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Holocaust transmits, "Only if I get to kill it."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Botos transmits, "Do ya have a flamethroweh?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Holocaust transmits, "Why wouldn't I?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Botos transmits, "Deal."
<O-IO> Deadly: Holocaust says, "Hahaha. I can see Botos and I holding a barbeque."
<O-IO> Ska! Scarface approves of this as the child of the Master Cook.
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "Here's how you cook."
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "Step one: Get a cow."
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "Step Two: Set the cow on fire."
<O-IO> Deadly: Holocaust says, "Step three: Enjoy."
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "Step Three: Profit."

<O-IO> Deadly: Holocaust puts on an apron that says 'Kiss the Killbeast' and whistles.
<O-IO> :o Botos puts on an apron. 'I like Hooters and NASCAR.'
<O-IO> Deadly: Holocaust says, "That apron would need to be made out of a circus tent."


<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "Behold, my sleek, highly explosive sexiness is amongst thee."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "..."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man STAB.
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man takes it like a man.
<O-IO> Uncle Bon Bonne :O
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "..."
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man smilingly crams a pipe bomb the size of the Statue of Liberty's torch down Blade Man's gaping maw.
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "Brotherly love is wonderful."
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "I love you, brother! <3"
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "<3"
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man is glad she doesn't spotlight everything amusing she sees.  Else she'd fill the Spotlight board.
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "This channel is going to be home to some serious mayhem."
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "We should probably just post a full transcript of everything said on O-IO ever, at some point."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "Already did one spotlight here today."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man does log a lot...
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "We're almost as scary as O-mas."
<O-IO> Ska! Scarface says, "You silly Men."
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "That's it, Scarface. We are going to go hunting."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man hugs Scarface.  <3
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "There's nothing straighter than a bunch of men in the woods alone."
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "Question:"
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "Can I come, and do I get to fish with dynamite?"
<O-IO> :o Botos says, "Yes."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "...  Fish with dynamite?"
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "Well, I mean, for starters."
<O-IO> SEASHELLS!? Demolition Man says, "Once he gets the hang of it we'll move on to thermonuclear weapons."
<O-IO> Stupid: Blade Man says, "I had to ask."
<O-IO> Sexy: Sugar says, "Dynamite.  The /man's/ fishing pole."
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